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Our synthetic adhesives are made of vinyl, acrylic and ethylene emulsions, which can be present in the adhesive's base both individual or as a combination of them.

The result of this, is a great variety of adhesives which can stick over difficult adhesion substrates in high-speed production machines.

Our products are outstanding in the following areas:

  • Cases
  • Paper Bags (Fisher & Krecke)
  • Carton and Paper Packaging (MAISA, Mainar, Hesser, Drohman)
  • Tube and Core winding
  • Facial tissue, bathroom tissue (toilet paper) and paper towel
  • Labels and Auto-adhesive Labels
  • Wood Assembly
  • School Use
  • Paper Stick over: PVC / PET / PE / PS / PP
  • Textile fibbers' dressing
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
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